Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Layers v6
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I'm cleaning out my studio and found a bunch of older pieces from 2005. Looking at them is fun and takes me back to the time when I met them when my art was just starting to take off. They are the last pieces of a series I did right after I got my printing press in Nov 2005. I was still figuring out how to ink consistantly using the press and as a result got some very delicate layers that are very difficult to duplicate. Some of these pieces are very large. My prices have gone up since I sold the other pieces from this series, I think the last one sold almost a year ago. I am really unsure about pricing these pieces and would like some help from other sellers.

Layers v8 26"x19" $120? Selling a piece this size for anything under $100 doesn't seem right to me. But the picture of it is rather mediocre, photographing large pieces is very difficult!

Layers v7 19"x19" $75? I didn't like this piece at first so I put it aside. I didn't hate it either so I kept it and didn't rip it up for collage. Now that I look at it with fresh eyes I kinda like it. This is the most experimental piece.

Layers v6 10"x13" $40?


Kelly Darke said...

Hi Marissa -
I really love the print that is from 2005 19"x19" - on flickr is says LayersV7 - do you ever trade for other artwork?
I also really love LayersV6 that is posted on your blog -

I have one print of yours with ginkgo leaves that my brother bought for me - it's beautiful -

m.Lee said...

Hi Kelly! I do trade for art sometimes, not often anymore since I don't have much wallspace and currently have a collection of unhung art from artists that I love. But I would love to take a look at what you are willing to part with.

Also, I have never shipped a piece quite this big before so getting it to you could be interesting! I was thinking about getting an oversized tube for it.

I remember your brother well. Tell him that I still hope to have another workshop, but the pregnancy has really been kicking my butt this year.