Friday, December 01, 2006

Orange Coral
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Orange Coral

Feels like mania to me with a bit of anxiety and racing thoughts but I am getting work done and feeling good about it again. I made this piece this morning while still in my jammies. The slate blue color is one that I have never worked with before (I blended it) and I had a lot of fun working with it. I got some really nice prints from it and plan on using it again.

While printing my hair kept getting tangled up in the brayer and got totally fed up with it. I booked an appointment at the salon with plans to totally chop it off short. I wanted something drastic. But my stylist talked me out of it and I only had her three inches off. It is still so much better than it was. Apparently it is a good cut because I got approached by men three times while walking home. I think the first one was trying to sell me drugs because he kept mumbling and following me then tried handing me something small. I crossed the street. But I also got a "god, you're beautiful" and the classic "hey sexy". I don't normally feel very attractive so it was embarrassing but flattering at the same time.

Time to clean up the ink from this morning. Oops!

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Lady Aeval said...

This one is actually very calming to me. I rather like it.