Friday, December 01, 2006

Closeup of Woman
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I get this fairly often about my work, especially recently. The comparison to him started back in February with this piece. (I can't believe that I made that piece so long ago, an I still love it.) I enjoy being compared to Klimt, but never being linked too closely to him. There is an influence for sure, but I believe that I have my own destinct style. I never tried to make work that is more "Klimt-like", the traces of him just show up. He, along with Matisse, Van Gough, Magritte and Gauguin are the earliest artist that I discovered. I remember finding a book on Matisse that my mother had when I was around eight or nine and I simply fell in love. I have no books on Matisse myself, maybe I should change that.

It is early and I should try going back to sleep. I am feeling much better about my art today and even last night. I printed some Christmas cards before bed, the first time I have ever made my own other than in gradeschool. Today I will print the last two colors of the portrait and finish up some partially done prints. I also need to make a necklace chain and go to the post box before pickup at one. I also want to do some carving on the pictured block, I have a lot done but a lot left to go.

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