Saturday, December 16, 2006

Maple Leaves Detail Carving
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
First day into my week vacation to Florida and I already wish I was working on this block so badly right now. I am already unable to sleep, bored and missing my art. I have a sketchbook but all I want to do is carve. I look at pictures of me carving from just the other days with this desire to complete what I have started at home. I can only swim so much before I start getting pretty bored. I guess I will just need to learn that there is more to do other than art.

I have been awake since 2am. This stinks.

I did a bit of reading during this time of "A Room of One's Own". I am only one chapter into it but the main idea is that artistic women, writers to her but I am extending this to all artists, need a space of their own in order to realize their full potential. This makes me think about how lucky I am to HAVE a room of my own and how much I miss that room right now. I feel out of sorts without it. And it is only going to get worse when the rest of the guests get here and I have even less space and time to myself. Bye bye bedroom, hello sofa in the livingroom where the stolen wireless connection doesn't extend. If I leave this room with the laptop the signal totally dies. No more late night internetting for me.

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