Thursday, December 14, 2006

Carving Whirly-gigs
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Today was my last day before my much needed vacation to Florida and it was a mad busy day. I started it off writing and carving, then the orders started pouring in. Eight in total, including 4 custom pendants that I had to make right away. Normally I get a few days to make them but because of the holidays and because I am going to be gone these had to be made ASAP. We went over to the Post Office and everything will be going out at 6am tomorrow morning. That is a half hour AFTER I will be waking up for my 7:30 flight tomorrow. I have shoved a fat cat creation from Jen, two pieces of framed art, two Flashbags (one for my grandmother the other as an example to show to boutiques) along with all my clothes in one large suitcase to be checked. My carry on has my iPod, DS, meds, bible, journal, a book and a sketchbook and some pens. The fat cat creation looks so much better in person I wish I could keep it, but I think my little sister will love it. And it is neat that she is getting a special handmade gift.

I will be bringing my laptop and will most likely update my shop about once a day. Jon will be handling getting orders out while I am gone. I think things will slow down once it is too late for even orders with Priority Shipping to arrive on time.

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