Monday, February 12, 2007

Messy Desk
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Still sick, going on three weeks now. The doctor gave me antibiotics and I am better than I was, am no longer throwing up which is very nice, but I am far from well. Stil, I need to put what evergy I do have to climb out of this artistic rut that I have gotten myself into. My studio is a disaster so my first task is to clean it, starting with my desk. Once I have that done I am thinking it will be much easier to get back to work. I also need to get my butt to The Museum School store and pick up some paper.

Not having the motivation or energy to do art for over a month now has been really difficult. It is depressing really. I put so much of myself into my art that when I don't have that part of me dies. I'm thinking that doing the clearing of the big block in this picture is a bad idea at this time. It is boring and overwhelming. What I need to do is pick up a small block that I can carve quickly and have fun with. Working small is rejuvinating when I am down like this.

At least my Etsy sales are still pretty good. They were down for about a week or two in mid-January, but now they are up again. I'm pretty tickled about this since I am doing no promotion and am not even listing anymore yet buyers are still managing to find me. Too bad a lot of the money I have in PayPal has to go to taxes from last year. But I still have enough leftover to buy a fancy brayer if I really want to.

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Annie B said...

Marissa, sorry to hear you've been sick! Hope you get well soon. -ab