Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Poppies in Spring
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Poppies in Spring
Fall Tree
Little Birds
Life Begins
Night and Day

Poppies just never seem to get old for me. I go through periods where I want nothing to do with that block, but I always come back to it because it is a classic.

Now that I have some art pimpage out of the way it is time to talk about what has been going on and is on my mind. First, I recently got a big portrait commission and that is taking up a lot of my time. I still want to do other things and keep the new pieces flowing, but I should focus on that right now until it is done. It is a portrait of two children, no babies so it shouldn't be too difficult. But I am putting a lot of pressure on myself about it and am hesitate about starting the carving because I don't want it to merely be good. I want it to be a Wow piece. I want the buyer to be as happy as she possibly can be. She has bought from me before so I have the added security of knowing that she already loves my work and trusts that I will do a good job. Plus the examples I have on my portrait listing are my very best. I want this to be one such example of that. This piece means a lot to me. These prints are going to be Christmas gifts for an entire family and I need them to be impressive.

Version two of Etsy is coming up next Monday! This means that Etsy will be down this weekend and I will have plenty of time to work. Too bad my weekend is looking pretty busy already. Saturday I am booked from 8-6. Ugh. Sunday is mostly open though. I am so excited about Version Two coming out even though it means slightly higher listing fees and the listing period being cut from six months to four months. But at five cents a month it is still an incredible deal. They give us so much and they were losing money with the ten cents listing fee. Version Two will be a huge upgrade on the site yet some people still feel like complaining about the fee hike. Some people!

Last night a guy we were friends with a few years ago but lost touch with came over and was looking through my art and very excited about it and for me. Last time he saw me I was pretty much not making art at all and didn't know what I was going to do with my life since I hadn't found my voice yet. Then I took that life changing class at Mass Art and everything changed for me. The woodcut printmaking obsession took over and now I have hundreds of works of art out there in my studio and in people's home. I have so much work at my place that it could take over an hour for somebody to take a quick look through it all. I should be proud and feel lucky that I have all this in my life, and I do.

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