Monday, October 30, 2006

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Not only is this piece featured on the homepage today (my 3rd feature this month. But I got my 300th sale this morning and I am floating right now. I beat my goal of reaching 300 sales by my year anniversary on Etsy November 12th.

I opened up my shop on a whim Nov 12th of last year. But I had bad pictures and high priced items and totally neglected it, so surprise surprise I had no sales. In November we bought my printing press and I was able to do more work easier and faster, and my prices dropped as my production went through the roof. Then in January I got a good scanner and started making some affordable 4"x4" pieces and one got featured on the homepage. I got my first sales that week. Strangely, that popular little $15 piece didn't sell for months! I opened up my website in February and started blogging and promoting pretty seriously. And each month my sales started doubling until I reached my peak in May. That was the month that I was the featured seller. After that things cooled down and I ended up burning out and taking a month off of Etsy. Slowly I have begun listing and creating often again and my sales are good once more for the holidays. Right now my focus is on my larger pieces. It means a lot to me that my 300th sale was one of those pieces.

Many thanks to everybody reading this, your support this year has been awesome. I can't wait to see what the next year brings.

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