Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vanessa's Prints
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Yesterday starting at two I had four people over experimenting with woodcut printmaking. All of them had no or minimal printmakining backgrounds. Here is a collection of all of the workshop pieces in a Flickr folder. They really did come up with some good stuff. I feel that not only did I teach but I learned that I need to loosed up some more again. It was extra stressful for me because not only was I worried about everybody having a good time, but I was also worried about the success of their prints. I was afraid that somebody wouldn't be happy and I would feel responsible. But I had no cause to fear because the work ended up great and everybody left with a smile on their face, a block of carved wood and a stack of four unique prints. Once I order some more wood I am going to have to do it again with a different group of people so everybody gets the chance to do it. Four people at a time really should be my maximum. Everybody finishes carving their block around the same time and a line to use the press begins to build and my small studio gets crowded all of a sudden.

It is early for me to be awake on a Sunday, I should be enjoying that fall back but I am not. Instead I have been up since 7:30 with a scratchy dry throat and a stuffed up nose. I guess I am still a little sick after all. After I finish writing this I am going to have some orange juice.

Sales have been crazy this month as I get very close to my goal of 300 by my Etsy Anniversary on the 12th of November. I am two away. What a year this has been for me. A year ago I never would have imagined that my art would be spread all over the world and be featured on products like bags. But here I am a year later. I couldn't be happier and more thankful. As my work improves so does everything else.

I am done printing for a little while but I do have a portrait commission to get started on as well as I want to get back into sketching random ideas. I came up with the bamboo idea so suddenly that I barely did any sketching for it. Just one big one and then transferred it to the block. I need to keep the ideas coming and keep busy.

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groovyinclinations said...

Oh my...nearing 300 sales. I should be happy with my measily 31!! But, my.

That is just fabulous.

(hiding my fangs of envy)

Mindy Wilson