Monday, November 13, 2006

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I can't have my big 15% off anything over $10 anniversary sale when Etsy is still down. I shouldn't complain about them being down because I want them to make sure the site is stable. But I have pieces that I am dying to list. And Monday is the biggest shopping day of the week. I hope they come back online soon.

I still haven't heard from the girl that didn't show up for the workshop. No email, no phone call, nothing at all. I hope everything is okay! This is so unlike her.

Jenn from the workshop will be here soon to use my press. I should use that time to work on the portrait, hopefully I will actually do that. I think I will. Having somebody over is very motivating.

I am really happy with how this print turned out, I can't wait to try the block in different colors. I am also inspired by the workshop to try working more abstractly again. The workshop is as good for me as it is for the students.

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