Saturday, November 11, 2006

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Etsy is down, but I am keeping busy. Today I hosted a printmaking workshop at my home and that kept me busy from 1pm to 8pm. One girl didn't show up, but the three of us had a great time and everybody did great work. I plan on hosting these about once every month or two. There is a lot of interest. Jenn (the redhead) is so into woodcuts now that she bought a bunch of supplies for herself and I lent her some of my extra tools. While they were carving I was off in my studio printing and got A LOT done. I will have lots of new things to put up on Etsy Monday when it goes back up. Once again I concentrated on larger work, but I did a couple of small pieces as well. I think it is good to keep doing some of those as long as I cut back and focus on the larger work.

workshop pictures

Tomorrow I am going to be busy all day, but hopefully I will get some work on the portrait done in the evening. Monday I will be busy with that and with updating my shop for V2.


Ellen Shipley said...

What a great idea. Just like the Summit. 8-] Do we get to see their work when they're done?

m.Lee said...

It was fantastic. I plan on doing these as often as possible. People just love them