Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Magnet Set 2
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Three Magnets
Blue Swirls

I am still working on the portrait as well as playing entirely too much Valkyrie Profile Two so I don't have a lot of new artwork to show. But the way I see it I have worked so hard and like so few games that I deserve this distraction. I am totally hooked on a game for the first time in years. I am not surprised at all since the first Valkyrie Profile is my all time favorite game, though this one is giving it a run for its money.

I have one girls face basically done in the portrait and need to start working on the other one before moving onto the clothes. I would like to be printing them this weekend while Etsy is down.

I haven't been sketching and I need to start up on that to get some new ideas going. I also need to do a lot of paper prepping for the printmaking workshop Saturday. I figure I should tear paper for my own projects as well that way I get it all taken care of at once. When I want to print again I want to be ready. Paper tearing isn't so bad anymore since I have started working larger and doing fewer pieces, but tearing paper for the workshop kills that benefit. I did the right thing starting to charge for the print workshop since they are using my supplies and my service. And the fee is so nominal. I am not in it to make money I just want to be compensated for my time. That seems fair enough.

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Leah said...

your art work is stunning! i love your layered process!