Thursday, October 05, 2006

Leaving Winter Behind
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Leaving Winter Behind
Fall Butterfly
Golden Summer

Up and writing in my journal while drinking my tea this morning. Listed a piece before 8am, I couldn't resist. I have so many good pieces to put up! I need to get started. Here are some of my new ones. The colors of the first two are pretty different for me. I especially like the one I have displayed because of the golden brown chine colle. This piece makes me happy. The placement of the chine colle is perfect. The gold ink barely shows, so next time I am going to blend it with a stronger color. Maybe a yellow or a sienna. I recently got some sienna from Daniel Smith.

Thinking about what to do with my day this morning. I could tear up paper and work on monotypes and more prints like this one. But I already have quite a large stack and wouldn't mind a break. I could play my game Valkyrie Profile 2, but I am stuck and frustrated with it. I could clean and probably will at least some. The kitchen and the bedroom need help. But what I have decided on doing with most of my time is carving. I haven't carved in awhile and I have a large block started that needs a lot of work. Sketching for some new ideas sounds like a solid activity as well. I haven't sketched or carved in a week or longer. It is time to get on that.

Looks like it is time for my second cup of tea.


Bette Wappner said...

I really love "Leaving Winter Behind". Beautiful and creative layers of colors and images.

m.Lee said...

Thank you, this is one of my personal favorites.