Friday, October 06, 2006

Pregnancy WIP
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
First here is some new work on Etsy;

Exotic Woman
Bees in the Leaves

Now that I have that taken care of I can talk about this block and how I came to carving it suddenly today. I was wasting time going through the Etsy forums when I found a request for a female, pregnancy related gift for a woman's midwife. I offered to do a custom block and print for her. Then I realized that I wanted to do one regardless so I set to work immediately. This is an idea that I had over a year ago that I never got to, well its time has come. I carved this out hard and quick until my hands hurt from the pressure. It is actually nearly finished, all I have to do is the hair, the rest will be in silhouette. But I have a question, should I put some subtle little star like marks in her belly or not? By stars I mean little dots made with a phillips head screwdriver hit with a hammer. It could look really cool or really cheesy and lame. Thoughts?

I am so excited that I haven't been able to eat lunch. I am not even hungry. I should at least make some rice for myself.


Anonymous said...

Try printing it without the stars first, and stamp some on a sample print to test the look. Or you could just hand-stamp the stars on each final print.

I do like the idea of the stars, though :)


m.Lee said...

Thanks Bette! I printed it yesterday with no stars and it turned out pretty well, I still need to scan it in. I need a carving of some stars before I can add something like that.