Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Collographs WIP
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My friend Sarah inspired me to try a totally different printmaking process. It is called collograph printing and I am having a lot of fun with it regardless of how the end result turns out. Right now I am waiting for the second layer of spraypaint to dry and some brain cells to die, then I keep adding more until I feel confident adding the gel medium. These might look terrible printed, but they are my first attempt and I am having fun.

I have woodcut plans as well for today. I am still a little happy yet bummed at the loss of my favorite sealife print. I want to use that coral block again. I also want to use the rich gold ink that I got in the mail yesterday. The cold I used before is a subtle pale gold, this gold is far from subtle. I had a nightmare last night, but at the end it switched to me thinking about art and I woke up knowing what colors and blocks I want to work with today. I have my paper pretorn I just need to get going. I don't think I will get to printing the collographs today because the gel medium takes too long to dry. Too bad since I will have colors out. Maybe I can fit it in somehow. I would need to tear some western paper for printing. Which isn't my idea of a fun time, but I should do it. I have lots to do.

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