Monday, October 23, 2006

Cityscape Dawning
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Cityscape Dawning
Spirit of Autumn

Saturday night was a big day of printing for me. Even though I only spent about two hours actually printing, it was two focused hours and I got a lot done. This is probably my proudest piece from the evening. Combining the abstract cityscape with the organic female form was a risk that worked out. I like the hints of plant life that come from the paper that I added to the piece and how the cityscape pattern peeks out in that darker, deep gold area. I have a bunch of new stuff to list and I am not even finished listing the pieces from last time.

I took Sunday off completely. It was the 10 year anniversary of my mother's death and I really didn't feel like doing much of anything. I can't believe it has been that long! I miss her every day. It is sad that she can't see what I am doing with my art and that she never got to meet my husband.

Today will be different. I need to start sketching again until I come up with some new things to carve. I haven't sketched in about two weeks, very bad of me. If I want to keep challenging myself I need to keep up with the sketching. I have plenty of ideas on what to do with blocks I already have, but I need something totally new. Writing and sketching every day are an important part of my creative process and I have been slacking.

Interesting thing I have been selling lately is collage packs from torn of pieces of failed art. I make a lot of prints and they don't always work out as planned. But I can never seem to toss them out. Well, they were taking up too much space so I had to do something with them. I mentioned tearing them up for collage, but I am not really good at collage. So instead I ripped them up and and selling them to people I can trust won't do anything too close to my work with them. The pieces are small enough that I think that would be difficult, but I want to control who gets them. I just sold the last two packs. It is a good way to re-purpose my art.

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