Sunday, October 22, 2006

City at Night
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
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Inspired by the beautiful bag reminding me how much I love the cityscape series and the desire to work a bit more abstractly and get away from natural forms I made this and others. Some blending of the two as well. I spent a few solid hours printing tonight and I am quite pleased with the results and will be scanning them in and putting them up over the next week or two. Today was one of the best, most focused days spent printing that I have had in awhile. I didn't find myself distracted by anything, just totally focused on the art. It was the way things are supposed to be.

The flashbags are a hit already with the site getting more views yesterday on my debut than they have ever gotten before! I got a thank you in an email from the owners. I made sure to spread the word around the Internet as much as I possibly could. I need to order a small or medium city scape cinch bag. I love that design so much and need something smallish to carry around with me.

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