Sunday, September 03, 2006

Working Hard
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The lumberyard was a bust. Getting out to the edges of Somerville to check out what was supposed to be a great place was just a huge waste of time and energy. All their plywood were veneers. That is they were cheap wood with a ultra thin layer of good one on top. Bummer. I went home and ordered as much wood as I could afford on McClain's. The shipping estimate was ridiculous, thankfully they usually estimate very high. Now I have to wait. I have one side of one large block of shina that I finally committed a design on. The problem with having so many ideas and not enough wood is that I had such a hard time picking what to start first. I hope I made the right choice.

Here is an image of me working in my messy studio using that silly looking magnifying visor. I may look ridiculous in it, but I find it extremely helpful. The small block filled with detail that I am working on here is finished now and it is time to move on. I am up early this morning and I could either finish drawing my design out on the 22"x28" block or I could print. For now I think I will focus on getting that drawing done. My head hurts.

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HMBT said...

You call that a messy studio?!!! (love the wall colors) You should see mine...i's a side show crazy, with just moving and not being able to find anything... ARGH!

I LOVE your work, it's inspiring for little old me, trying to recapture my muse...and CONGRat'son the sales, you so deserve it, your work Rocks. I hope you sell out.