Saturday, September 02, 2006

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for sale on Etsy

This week I have stuck with my goal and listed every day. I just put this piece up on Etsy. Sometimes I get lazy and just renew an old listing, but that also helps me break up the sea theme a bit. I don't want my page one to make it look like all I do are pieces like this. What if somebody isn't into all this blue, this way they can see that I do other things without going to the second or even third pages.

I have had three sales in the last two days, this is the first time this has happened in over a month. I made $100 total! I am not going to get obsessed with sales, but I really did need this money for my trip to the lumberyard today.

I also checked the top sellers list for the first time in ages. I was so scared to look that I had Jon do it for me. Surprising to me I am still in the top 30! I work my butt off listing and selling all the time and I never make it past 21, then I go weeks without listing and sales plummet and I only move down 7 spots. Wow! Makes all that work and obsession seem pretty silly. I will not get back in the habit of checking it daily.

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