Monday, September 04, 2006

Closeup of me carving a line
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My art goal for today was to finish carving a certain area of my block and I have done that already, I will probably end up doing more once I finish writing. Here is a closeup on me carving some line work. I love this shot. I have put up a bunch of shots like this up on Flickr and worry that I am flooding my contacts with shots that probably get boring after while. But I have fun taking and looking at these shots.

I have so many ideas and plans sketched out and not sketched out. It is good that I am able to focus on this carving without getting too distracted by my other ideas. I have things that I want to print and that I may print tomorrow and will certainly print sometime this week. But right now all I want to do is carve. I am enjoying using my still newish tools immensely. That is why I take so many photos!

My illness has been pretty under control for a number of days in a row and it has been wonderful to be able to focus on work without getting obsessed with things like my rank on Etsy and sales. Sometimes I find myself wanting a little bit of hypo-mania to give me a little boost, but really I am doing great without it. I finally looked at the top sellers' list again and shockingly I had only dropped a few spots even with all that time off. I haven't checked it since because I don't care to let that obsession resurface. Sales have been improving as well but I am not putting my worth as an artist into them. My obsession with Etsy was the beginning of the spiral into a destructive mania that eventually led me to be unable to create art for two months. I did stay up too late working last night, but I should be fine if I don't do that on a regular basis.

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