Friday, September 15, 2006

Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
Here is one of the new pieces for tomorrow. If it doesn't sell I will put it up on Etsy. I am not going to take all 8 pages of my shop down, too tedious and I have enough to do to prepare. Better things to spend my time on like how I just filled my portfolio with my best pieces and I still have enough left over to fill a folder and another folder of discounted pieces. I have everything in the portfolio signed and dated, but not all the others. Signing so many pieces is quite a chore.

My next task after I eat lunch is to focus on some pendant making. I don't need to push myself to do a lot, but having about 10 pendants to put up would be nice.

Today started out pretty slow and could have been a bad day, but I have a lot to do today and I pushed myself to get started early. I am taking a break from reading about bipolar and other mental health issues. Right now it is only overwhelming me and distracting me from what is important.


Ellen Shipley said...

It's always interesting to watch your colors shift over time. You're like a living color wheel! ;-] I like these colors -- very vibrant. Hope it sells.

Tom Kristensen said...

I like this print a lot. And the last couple also. Maybe you should start making a small edition of each image and keep some for later.

jessprkle said...

eeep, mLee! i think this is my fav thus far!