Sunday, September 17, 2006

Piedemonium next to my table
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This is the Piendemonium booth next to mine. It was a nice day for a market, not a lot of foot traffic but it was good to get my work seen and I did pick up a wholesale order on pendants. To think of all the wood I could buy with that order! I had quite a few people looking through not only all my prints in the big portfolio, but a number of people looked at ones in the extras pile. I answered a lot of questions about woodcut printmaking. It was a nice time and fun hanging out with all the Etsy gals.

Afterwards my friend Jen dropped by to pick up her tent and take us to Redbones to meet Jenn at Redbones for some yummy BBQ. It was a good day followed by a fun night. I came home exhausted and went to sleep quite early. This morning I started putting away stuff from the market and getting my studio back in order so I can do some work. I have a lot of ideas for new pieces and have a bunch of pendants to make.

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The Slickster said...

Art indeed. I have a challenge for you. If I had a white glove, it would have just danced across your cheek.