Friday, September 15, 2006

Three Flowers in Early Fall
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Printing the the other day was long, but very successful. I only have one maybe piece, the rest are winners. I believe that I made some of my best work that day and can't wait to push it farther. My wood arrived and I have it toned and ready to carve. But for now I am going t work on doing a couple more ladies with long hair; one on a 12"x16" block the other on a 12"x12". My last 12"x12" until I order some more. I would like to avoid making another McClain's order for awhile.

I am thinking about hosting another printmaking party for my local friends sometime in October. Some weekend late afternoon sounds ideal. Would it be awful if I charged about $5 for the cost of woodblocks and ink? I can give away small blocks of wood, but I really can't afford to give out anything bigger than 4"x4".

Tomorrow is the Boston South End Open Market, I need to spend much of today preparing myself for it. Making pendants and getting my pieces in order.

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Annie B said...

These new prints are lovely!