Monday, September 25, 2006

Nikki and Marcus
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Remember this portrait from about a year ago? It turned out so well that it is what I use as my main example for portrait commissions on Etsy. Well, they just split up. I went to bed early last night and have been up since before 6am putzing around on the Internet, reading and preparing an order for sending. It was this morning that I got an email from this girl I have known since we rode the bus together in Jr. High telling me that their marriage didn't make it through the first year. This is probably the best portrait I have ever done and hearing this adds a sadness to it. Why couldn't they have stayed like they do in the picture? I want what is best for her always, but this is a sad day for me in my own selfish way.

I am going through one of those (thankfully usually short lived) phases where I don't feel much of a connection with my art. Today I could imagine it all being destroyed and not even caring. On most days just that thought would break my heart. I do have some things to list on Etsy though and plenty to do with my day.

I have two orders ready to send out this afternoon. It isn't even 8am and I feel like I have gotten a good start on the week. This weekend was one of my best weekends ever. Friday night spent printing way into the night with a girl I am enjoying getting to know. Saturday was filled with printing on my own and getting some good stuff out of it and having fun. Then Sunday, going to church for the first time in over a year and reconnecting with some good friends. That was my weekend summed up in a few lines.

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