Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fall Breeze
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recently listed

This is the perfect print for me to list today and break up the blue/ sea theme that was going on my Etsy shop. Show people coming for the first time that I use a variety of colors. I counted how many good, unlisted prints I have and the number is eleven. I will be listing daily maybe even twice a day every once in awhile because this is plenty of time for me to create new work. And if not so what? I am making art for fun and selling it for fun and supplies!

I like this piece a lot. It is perfect for the beginning of fall.

I found out on the Etsy forums today that the first girl that I mentored made it into the top sellers list! I knew she would do well and am so proud and happy for her. I guess I am a pretty decent mentor after all.

Moving back to carving the fern block again, trying to get that one side done. I have an idea to change it a bit from the original plan but I don't know how to describe it. Of the three segments I want the one on the left to have the ferns carved out instead of carved around. The negative space will be positive. I think it will make the block more interesting. Flickr and blogspot haven't been getting along lately. When I try to update through Flickr it fails over and over again. I end up giving up and updating it through blogspot. Very annoying.


Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...

love to all........

MamaMin said...

Very pretty piece - even though I'm not prepared to think about fall at all yet!