Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Collection of Woodblocks
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
Yesterday all of Google (including Gmail) was done for me, so I couldn't obsessively check my email. So I dragged out some old and new blocks to print. One block, the block with the swirly tree on one side and the birds on the other was missing when I took this shot. But I found it later buried in a pile of larger pieces of wood. My studio is spilling over with woodblocks and prints, I am going to have to do something about cleaning out and throwing away stuff in the closet so that I can use that for storage very soon.

I tore up some monotypes into 6"x6" and 9"x12" pieces and got to printing. Nothing I did made me go wow, but a few made me sigh happily. The JP Open Studios is Saturday and Sunday and I could be using this time to make lots of prints, but I already have lots of prints. I think I will make some pendants instead. And carve and goof off.


stilettoheights said...

Marissa- good luck at your show! I had my first show experiance this past weekend and had all the same fears as you...I survived, and learned a lot.
Your work is amazing, you don't need a fancy set up for people to see that.

m.Lee said...

Thanks! I am feeling better today. I just went through and organized my work.