Friday, September 29, 2006

Blooming Flowers in the Moonlight
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
I just finished getting my pieces in order for the Jamaica Plain Open Studios and I realized that I forgot to include this piece. There is no space for it in my big portfolio, it will have to go in the folder of work I like, but don't love enough to put on the forefront. A lot of difficult choices. There was a time when I was the most prolific artist around it seemed. Cranking out quality work week after week, then the challenge stopped and so did I. After my break my output is still slowed down but I think my work is a lot more interesting. This piece isn't up on Etsy right now, but if you want it let me know and I will put it up for you.

I am having a sale on my work. Today only take $5 off anything $30 or more, or free shipping on anything from $5-$29. Just write "JPOS" in the notes to seller and wait for an adjusted invoice. I will also throw in a special thank you gift with the order. Then my shop gets a big closed for the weekend sign on it and the only sales I will take are custom pendant orders.

My apartment buzzer is being funny and I missed an art supply package (probably ink) and almost missed Jen stopping by to lend me her tent for tomorrow. Luckily Jon came home at the same time and caught her. I think my buzzer is working now. I want my supplies!

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