Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sea Turtle
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
This piece is not for sale. It is a gift for my husband Jon because turtles are his favorite animal. We have already reached our number of animal limit so this is as close to having one he is going to come for awhile. This is a gift, but that doesn't mean that I can't use the block again later.

Yesterday's printing went pretty well. I listed three times on Etsy! I am not going to let Etsy take over my life this time. Though a sale would be nice about now so I can restock my shina wood supply. But listing on Etsy and sales is not why I make art in the first place. I make art because I love it and because when I don't I don't really live.

I listed two new pieces and one older unlisted piece to break up the blue in my listings a bit. I will list today as well. My small stack of unlisted pieces has been rebuilt giving me plenty of time to make new art while listing daily.

Starfish and Coral

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