Monday, August 28, 2006

Favorite Piece

Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
for sale on Etsy

This is one of my favorite pieces I have ever done. I can honestly say that it looks 100% better in person, not that it looks bad here but a lot of the detail and depth is lost. I put it up on Etsy at a fairly high price because I love it so much and feel that it is worth at least that much. Now that I have learned that there is life after being an Etsy power seller I find it easier to charge higher prices for my work and sell less for now. I am a lot more comfortable with these prices. But my smaller works will still remain around $15-$30 but I won't be focusing on small works so much anymore.

I have had a piece basically stolen from me by somebody that I knew on Flickr and LJ. She and I did a trade and I sent her off even though her print for me wasn't done yet. In hindsight I shouldn't have been so trusting, but I thought I knew her and never imagined that she would do this. It has been six months and she still hasn't sent me anything. We have talked a few times and each time she apologizes and promises to send me not just the print she owes but one more and each time it never happens. She even had the nerve to tell me how good my work looks hanging up. Thief! At this point what I want is MY piece back but I am not holding my breath on that. I guess I should chalk this up as a learning experience, but all I learned was that I shouldn't trust people. /rant

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