Sunday, August 27, 2006

Development of a Print

Three Stages
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Since I had eleven sheets of 6"x6" paper I decided to keep at least one of each stage of printing. It is pretty remarkable how much each layer adds, yet sometimes less is better. My favorite one is probably the middle piece, but I do like all three. These prints have been so much fun to make and I couldn't be any happier with them. I just love it when I put my heart into something like I put it into the coral block carving and the results tell me that it was worth it.

Went to Home Depot yesterday and picked up some cheap Luan plywood to mess around with. Unfortunately the large sheet I got turns out to be too wide for my press so I either need to find the reciept and get it recut, or just get a new one. After carving some of the scraps from the Home Depot Luan wood I have to say that while it is still very difficult to carve it is much easier to carve than the more expensive Luan I ordered off of Dick Blick last year.

In other news I may have to break down and get this to help me with finer detail work. I have been eyeing them for awhile but hesitant to plunk my $30 down on them. But I did just sell a $40 piece so...

Today is going to be filled with; sushi from Fugakyu for lunch, revisiting Home Depot, carving, writing, dropping by the South End Open Market to say hey to some Etsy people and hopefully some printing as well. I have a few prints like the third to experiment putting a forth layer on.

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