Friday, August 25, 2006


The Sea is Vast
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My first finished piece in about two months and boy is it different than what I was doing prior! It still has my signature use of color and layering while being experimental and different. I am quite pleased with it and pleased with myself for taking a risk with this piece. I don't care if it sells or not (well maybe I care a little) because I had a great time making it and am pleased with it. It did feel good to list a new piece just as it feels good to blog a new piece right now.

Originally it was going to have a forth layer with something less abstract. But once I got to this point I knew that it was done. When I have that feeling it is best to just go with it and stop. I

I still have my ink out and a bunch of printing to do. I need to raise my press rollers so they can take the thicker shina wood and add layers to those coral prints. I have two colors out already so I will be doing at least two colors. Maybe a forth color this weekend depending on if I want one or not.

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Ellen Shipley said...

I like the bright colors of this. 8-] The blue and the ocre are especially nice. Glad you're back at it again.