Thursday, August 31, 2006

Koi Pond
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for sale on Etsy

In my most recent Etsy listing I used two kinds of wood for a change. The first three layers are my typical shina wood, while the final Koi layer was carved from Luan plywood. Luan plywood is difficult to carve but I made it work and the wonderful grain pattern makes it worth it. Plus it is dirt cheap.

The money I have to spend on art supplies right now is kind of tight so I am experimenting with types of wood other than my much loved shina. Especially for larger blocks of pattern like this one. That is just a detail, the whole 22"x28" block will be covered with a variety of patterns. I just have to keep the forms simple because Luan is not good for detail work. On Saturday I plan on taking a trip to a lumberyard to pick up some birch and cherry plywood. I am excited about it!

A buyer sent me a picture of her most recent purchases from me framed and I think they look lovely. I love seeing my art in a nice frame! Her boyfriend got them framed for her as a birthday present!

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Annie B said...

Hi Marissa,

I like this koi print a lot. Love the luan grain and the layering is very rich. I like the colors in this ocean series, too. It must feel good to be back at work.

best, Annie