Thursday, August 24, 2006

Printing Cold Feet

Blackbirds on a Warm Night
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I am running low on older pieces to list, but I still have a couple left. I got a sale on a print today and that made me smile, it had been about a week or longer since my last sale. And print sales mean so much more to me since my art is the closest to my heart.

Running low shouldn't matter because I am printing today! I don't really have sales in mind just the expression of my creativity, everything else is just a bonus because I get such great joy in getting my work out there. I am so nervous about printing and am totally dragging my feet on it. Right now I am taking a break from prepping paper to write this entry. It has been over two months since I last printed and I am a little scared of getting back into it. When I first got my press I printed daily for two weeks, then I got into the groove of printing once or twice a week. Then I got total burn out and stopped suddenly. I know that I just need to dive right into it, I know that my new carvings are good and I want to play with the printing process again. Back to tearing paper. Once I do that and eat lunch I am going to print and it will be great!

Yesterday was productive and great, I did everything on my list of things to do and then some. I finished my block and carved two small and simple new ones. Today is going to be just as good despite my slow start. I started slow yesterday too.

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