Monday, August 07, 2006


Brown Banyan
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
After pretty much dropping out as a presence on I made a forum post updating people on how I am doing. The amount of support that I have gotten there and through my blogs is almost overwhelming. As much as I want to convince myself otherwise people do care about me quite a bit and maybe that means that I am actually a person worth liking.

Dropping out of Etsy (hopefully temporarily) means that I am also not updating my shop at all. I no longer have the pieces to do it and don't feel like re-listing old pieces even if it only costs a dime. But I did get two sales over the weekend and that brought a smile because it is nice to know that people still find my work somehow! This is the piece that sold along with a pocket mirror. That pocket mirror design is actually sold out now.

Thank you my friends!


groovyinclinations said...

I adore your work and am quite sure it would still be true if you were weaving baskets or trash bags into rugs....Printmaking or not. It has to do with your designs and color as well as your passion, victories, highs and lows.

Mindy Wilson

Ellen Shipley said...

Hi Marissa,

Glad to see you're back at it again. 8-] And yes, we do care about you, as a person as well as an artist. ;-j