Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ideas are starting to flow again

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I haven't been good about following the "Artist's Way" program, yet my creative brain is starting to come back to me. Funny thing is that I keep hesitating to allow this to happen. Yesterday I finished a small carving that I plan on printing soon. I also plan on using the ten or so 6"x6" pieces of paper to print out a small block that I haven't even printed yet. But first I need to tear some paper for it and a larger print.

The reason why I am illustrating this entry with this print that is for sale on Etsy is because the profile is a block that I plan on reusing in a different way for one of the many pieces that I have rolling around in my brain. Maybe it won't work, maybe it won't sell but I want to try it. Right now I have some totally new pieces to do from both new and old blocks.

Something that I have noticed that even with me not listing, promoting or really doing anything with my art I am still getting about one (sometimes more) sale a week. Of course this doesn't compare to the three a day that I got in May, but sales were never the purpose of my art. They are a nice bonus and I appreciate the ones that I do get.

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