Thursday, June 29, 2006

First Bee Print

Small Hive
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.

The bees are in, I have a few done but this 5"x5" two block three color four layer print is my favorite. I think it is very sweet and I love the subtle detail.

I am not done printing for the day, just taking a much needed break. Currently I have moved on from the honeycombs and bees and am doing monotypes. I only have one so far but I like it. I will probably put it on Etsy soon.

One of my favorite buyers recently sent me this picture of my framed pieces. I love it! It is so fun seeing my work hung like that, especially since the framer did such a good job.


sunshinealways said...

Just beautiful! Your prints are so addictive! I can't stop looking at this it!!! Saw the picture of your framed pieces...they look good. I hope to do the same thing once we move into our own house. (Yes, have been making plans even before buying your prints or a house) This print would be best in my daughter's room.

nico said...

yay i found your blog :) mlee rocks! and yikes those framed ones are killer!