Saturday, June 10, 2006

Coming soon! Magnets!

Magnets from Kitty
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
A fellow etsyier KittyCrossbones, made these 1.25" magnets for me to put up on Etsy. They look so great I can't wait to play with them. They should arrive mid next week. Like my pin-back buttons I will probably offer these in sets of three for $3- $4. I can't decide if the tree or the bird are my favorite.

She also made me some mirrors with the octopus, bird and tree design on them.

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Shopaholic D said...

these are neat! i bet they'd be great sellers at a art/craft show, especially if you market them as stocking stuffers later in the year! i've been trying to figure out some smaller things at a lower price point I could make/sell that are far all i have are bookmarks and