Friday, June 09, 2006

Something a little different

Sunset $36
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
for sale on Etsy

Suddenly I find myself with a stack of new prints for Etsy and for Sunday. This one is probably my favorite of them all. The background started as one of my boring monotypes (from the fire day) that I tore into 6"x6" pieces and printed a carving on top of. That is why the background looks so painterly. I love how the shapes in the background accidentally fall in with the carving of the tree. None of this was planned, it just sort of worked.

I should probably keep it for my portfolio, but I am so not interested in doing that lately. I would much rather have somebody enjoy it than keep it locked away.

Last night I ordered some art magnet promos with some new designs, including this tree.


sunshinealways said...

It's beautiful! Very unique tree design. Love the warm colors...the title is very fitting of the piece!

pinky said...

This is an amazing tree. I like the swirl on the left side, it draws me in. You always have such great work!!

m.Lee said...

Thanks, this is one of my very favorite pieces.