Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Color Choices

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I am afraid of using black ink. This is odd since in college I mostly worked in black and white since at that time I was convinced that I was bad with color. Now I have done a complete 180. With this piece I tried using totally different colors than what I am comfortable with. While it has taken me awhile to warm up to this piece, I am not happy with it and pleased that I took the leap and made it.

I am going to do some more smaller prints with these colors soon. Possibly tomorrow (despite my self imposed printing ban).

1 comment:

pinky said...

It shows your trues artistry that you can push past your comfort zone to create something different. And ever better that you can say you don't really like it, but are still willing to put it out there for the world.

That being said, I like this piece. It's dark and mysterious and very, very cool.