Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Keeping Busy

Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
My Etsy Shop has been keeping me very busy. These packages are from Monday and Tuesday. They are all getting dropped off in the mail around noon today. Being the featured seller has been very good to me. I woke up to three sales, two of them being pieces of art, the third a pendant that I made just last night.

I just found out that I may get to do The South End Open Market at no cost. Etsy has a deal where they get a booth for us to sell our goods for free and all we have to do is promote Etsy and answer questions. This would be my first art/ craft fair. I think this would make for good practice for the JP Open Studios.

In preparation of all I have going on right now when I get back from the PO I am going to focus on pendant making. I want to sell some at the market and I still have Etsy and that wholesale offer to fill.


Shopaholic D said...

You lucky girl!'s good to be busy! I'm sure your customers are enjoying your work!

Kris Shanks said...

Great to see all your hard work pay off! You deserve the recognition