Thursday, May 18, 2006

What a crazy week!

Springtime Poppies v2 $25
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For Sale on Etsy

First there was the wholesale offer on my pendants that I finalized over the weekend. Fifteen pendants without chains for $150. Then, I find out that I am featured on and that has increased sales dramatically. On the fifth of this month I reached my 100th sale, now on the 17th I am already at 142 sales!

Now I learn that I am going to be doing an Etsy table at the South End Open Market, for free! I get to bring in my prints, pendants and mirrors to sell and all I have to do in return is promote Etsy and answer questions. Good deal! I have a lot of pendants to make over the next few days because I think those will prove to be a big seller. That is exactly what I am going to be doing once I finish writing this. If you are going to the Market this weekend I would love to be visited.

As a result of the market I will have to put a lot of my Etsy Store listings in suspended mode to prevent double selling. This may be the last chance to buy certain pieces. Until Friday night EST I am offering free domestic shipping on everything!Just put "South End Open Market" in the notes to seller to remind me.


Carol Dean Sharpe said...

What a wonderful, busy week this has been for you. Congratulations! I'm sure the success will just carry on into the future as well. :D

Randy S Furco said...
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