Monday, May 15, 2006

Art Mirror (octopus)

Art Mirror (octopus)
Originally uploaded by m.Lee.
For sale on Etsy

What a good day for sales this has been. Thirteen so far and the day isn't quite over. This breaks my former record of ten sales in a day. All these sales are in part due to the bottle openers and mirrors that I listed. They turned out so great, Kate Black did a really wonderful job. She even put both of my URLS around the sides.

Being featured is cool.


sunshinealways said...

Thought I'd share an idea....Table coasters with your prints on top would be neat...especially the Cat Tails, Poppies and Octopus prints....

Anonymous said...

I read your feature - Congrats! and I love the button mirror idea :) rather than a button pin. Having 14 orders in one day is wonderful. You are an inspiration to me. Keep up the great work :))

Bette Wappner

pinky said...

I am SO glad you are being featured. I adore your work and I like the art mirrors. The coaster idea sounds pretty cool, too.

Congrats on breaking your record! WOO!!