Thursday, February 09, 2006

Today I broke through my creative block with a vengence by printing for three or so hours. I wasn't focused at all on the time and am unsure how much passed. Because I had a number of small blocks, I used them to play around with new shapes. I carved about eight different blocks last night. Some work, some have potential and some don't work at all. Then I tore down a bunch of paper into 4"x4" squares and got out some black artist cards to print on. Most are still unfinished, but I like where they are going. These two are done. I am really excited about the willow shape. While I have always liked willows I don't do a lot of images from nature in my work and so this is fun and different. The dots in the tree were made with hitting a nail into the wood with a hammer. I am thinking about a larger block version. I don't know if I am ready to commit the shape to one of my 18"x18" blocks, but I do have a midsized block with nothing planned for it.

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