Saturday, February 11, 2006

Moonlit Willow Tree

Moonlit Willow Tree
Originally uploaded by m_Lee.
Today I tried using low quality but easy to work with ink to make some art cards. I soon realized that this was a bad idea and switched to the good stuff (Daniel Smith).

Here is one of the cards that made me smile as soon as I pulled it off the block.

I will probably put it up for sale on eBay next week, I have supplies to buy!


Anonymous said...

you are truly an inspiration to me!
what an excellent print/design.
thank you :))

good luck with your print sales.

bette wappner

Carol Lyons said...

That is a very nice Moonlit Willow Tree design. Ditto your other prints.

Carol Lyons said...

Carol Lyons

ElizAbeth Atwood said...

You're doing some really fascinating stuff. Keep up the good work. ElizA.....Maine

m.Lee said...

Thanks for all the positive feedback. This is a theme that I am going to stick with for a little while.