Sunday, February 05, 2006

Two prints that I am saving for my portfolio. One simple but with vivid colors the other a rainbow of colors. The fist print is six layers, I think six layers is the max number of layers I can get away with without my prints getting crazy. The other print is four or five with one as a very subtle ghost print in purple. These prints have plenty in common with my previous work, but they just feel a lot different to me. I can't put my finger on it. Too busy?


Anonymous said...

Hi Marissa,
Typically I don't gravitate toward abstract art, but your woodblock prints continually lure me into them! They are full of colorful depth and texture. You're creating wonderful magic :)
Thanks for sharing...
Bette Wappner
from Barenforum.

8th hussar said...


Loved your use of colour, the eye is drawn deep into the images finding a treasure trove of form and texture. Great ! I'm Envious too !
Best Wishes from UK

Miss said...

Love the depth. The orange one is my favourite. No, I dont think it is too 'busy'.
Mellissa Read-Devine
from Barenforum