Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I submitted some of my work to the director of an exhibit that is happening in February. I submitted a little on the late side so anything could happen, but I am trying to be hopeful. This isn't an important exhibit, just one that happens at Mass General Hospital twice a year. I have been to it before and it is quite large. This is just a baby step for me but an important one because it is me trying to get my work out there.

My last printmaking workshop was last night and I am sad to see it go. I met some great people, adore my instructor and just got so much out of it. Even though I have a press so the work space means a lot less to me now that I can do all that at home the class was still invaluable. I stayed and worked nearly an hour late last night not even realizing it. My teacher liked my prints so much that I gave her one of my Biology prints.

I already found out that I have been accepted in the exhibit. Normally they do it by commission but she doesn't feel the need to do that with my work especially since they are running short on time! She had me send the dimensions of the pieces I sent as well as any more work I have for her. This feels quite good.

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Julio Rodriguez said...

Congratulations Marissa, getting your work accepted and exhibited is a great accomplishment. Make sure to post photos of the exhibit
when the time comes....