Sunday, December 04, 2005

I finished some prints that are a lot like the last one I showed, with slightly different colors and the addition of a forth layer. This is now turning into a pretty large series for me, I find it a lot easier to do many prints now that I have a printing press. I have used it at least once every day since I got it working and plan on keeping up that trend at least until I hit a weeks time. I like setting little goals for myself. On Friday night I printed a total of three times, one time earlier and the other two late at night printing until one am. Here are my results (they are all very similar yet different). I have one more that is nearly identical to one that I am going to give to the guy that is designing my website for me for free.

Today I am busy for most of the day, but I have much planned for tonight and tomorrow. I need to reprint a layer of yellow on two large prints, finish carving a mini block for some cards I am making, and get some work done on my reduction print.

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