Thursday, December 08, 2005


I feel pretty proud of this print. I sent an scan of it to my instructor and heard very positive things about it from her. It is the culmination of all I have been working on lately. The colors, the shapes, the printing are all spot on. With this it is time for me to move on and experiment with the medium in other ways. I might play around with different shapes, multiple colors on the same block and with stencils. Now that I have a press using stencils got a lot easier for me because hand printing them was rough and largely unsuccessful.

Tonight after going to the gym to swim a bit I will be heading over to a friend's house for craft night. Most of them will be sewing or knitting but since I can't do any of that, when I tried knitting awhile back I got so frustrated that I wanted to scream, I will bring a block of wood and some carving tools and get some work done. There will be drinking at craft night but I don't think it is a good idea for me to get loading and use sharp carving tools. :)


Akshata said...

thanx 4 ur kind comments! gr8 work! nice color compositions.what medium is it?

m.Lee said...

Your work is really wonderful.

All the work that I put up here are woodcut relief prints.

Thank you!