Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gocco, you have my apologies

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Dear sweet Gocco machine*, I'm sorry I ever spoke ill of you. You were never an ill device devised by the evil one at all, you just had a mealy old press bed that was keeping you down. Replace that and suddenly using you isn't hard at all, almost like you were designed to be used by Japanese children or something.

I've been goccoing a bit since getting the new bed (old bed pictured on the left after having been scraped off of the plastic base), but nothing I felt the desire to share. I've been using scraps from them in various collages and I will do the same with the ones from yesterday, but these deserve to be more of a focus than a background player. Also, I like the full design enough that I am going to get some black Moleskine cahier notebooks to print it on.

Conversation Piece

How Royal

Mulberry Tea

I knew that the bed was bad months ago but didn't act on it because I had talked myself into thinking Gocco wasn't right for me. Basically talked myself into an artistic box where I am a woodblock relief printmaker who can't draw well enough and doesn't like silkscreening. And that the supplies are too much money compared to what I am used to. That if I mess up a small block it is no big deal, but to screw up a screen is a tragedy.

Well, I guess I am more willing to push myself and take some chances these days. Because Gocco is great fun and a useful artistic tool that you will be seeing more from.

*gocco is a portable Japanese silkscreening device originally intended for children, but it has taken off in the arty/ crafty western community recently. Even though it is no longer being sold here and must be imported. Mine is over 20 years old but with a brand new bed. I hope there are stills supplies available for it when blee is old enough to play with it. And that they are cheap enough that I don't have to check her design for goccoworthiness too much.


Anonymous said...

No idea what Gocco is, but like the new stuff you posted in this post. Printing on the old book page is wonderful!, and the colors and designs are great fun.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Oops! I clarified what gocco is in an update.

Basically it is a tabletop silkscreen printing machine from Japan. It is pretty hot with the crafty scene, especially for making greeting cards.

Me, I don't think I will be making cards with it. Except maaaaybe for personal use.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

And check out for some fine gocco card examples.

phoebec said...

I'm glad that your faith in Gocco is back! You do beautiful work.