Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Egg Project Start

I admit to feeling a bit down in the dumps and sorry for myself lately. It hasn't been fun and it isn't something I am proud of. I'm working to change this through regular personal journaling, usual just a sentence or two.

But no drawing. No art whatsoever for many months. I've become almost phobic about it and afraid of failure so I stayed away. Miserable and missing the outlet terribly but feeling at such a loss on the rare moments I had time for creativity.

Then I looked forward to preschool starting and getting a precious six hours three times a week to myself. At least for the few months before the baby came. Sure, I had tons of more mundane tasks to get finished during those hours as well, but I figured that I could squeeze out at least a few hours a week for myself. For art. For printmaking.

Then the pain in my pelvis and lower back hit me out of nowhere. Now suddenly I have difficulty standing and walking much less the bending and strain involved in working my printing press.

I feel like an old lady. Walk like one too. It is called SPD and apparently it just happens to some women during pregnancy. Did not happen during my last pregnancy despite being 20lbs heavier.

So now I regroup and figure out what I can do. Right now that is a drawing a day project. Drawing using an egg shape daily for a month to be specific. I'm using Brushes for the iPhone and iPad. A favorite program of mine that I let fall by the wayside. Seems the program has improved since I used it last. Crisper graphics and more brush options. Yet still simple and elegant. Perfect for on the go sketching.

Here I go!

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Serena said...

Hi Marissa!
So happy to see you creating again! I don't even have a cell phone, let alone an iphone so I really don't understand how you can make such a beautiful drawing, but I do love it :)

As for the pain.. have you tried any yoga? it incredibly helped me with the pain from RA while was pregnant.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

No cell phone! Jaw drop!

It is tons of fun what I can do on this thing, but I try not to abuse it or get dependent on it. But it is proving to be quite a useful tool.

I've looked into prenatal yoga but scheduling has never quite worked out. The gym I went to before I froze my membership had classes, but a half hour after the nursery closed. Cruel I tell you!

I see a chiropractor tomorrow and am hopeful.

mizu designs said...

Oh wow the egg thing is really funny as that's what I've been drawing lately too!


Just keep at it.

knotaway said...

Don't worry about failure. In art there is no failure. There is success or progression. Everything that doesn't work out quite right is a step towards something that will.
I have two children - 9 and almost 7. I could lie and say making time for art will get easier. It won't. But it is something we have to do.
I hope you feel better.
I didn't have back pain to deal with, but 18 months of round the clock morning sickness was tough, too.
It will get better.